You know, they say that bipolar depression is incurable, they say that it is stopped by drugs that you have to take for life. Needless to say, such drugs have a whole range of side effects, very serious side effects ?!

My name is Marianne and this is my story. As you probably already understood, I suffered from bipolar disorder, very often I lay in hospitals where compassionate psychiatrists fed me very hard drugs. When I was discharged, my husband very often compared me to “zombies,” but he always supported and helped, probably because of this I stopped drinking them, it always seemed to me that I feel better without them.

I always asked doctors a question, what is the point of treating, that you cannot cure, but I did not hear a clear answer from them. But in order to understand how bipolar depression is treated, you need to approach this issue on the other hand, not from pumping patients to the state of the “living dead”, trying to cure the symptoms and killing the patient himself, but on the other hand, I succeeded, exactly when , I refused doctors, because this disease is not of the body, but of the soul! And the soul cannot be cured with pills. I will share with you, I will teach you, I want you to dump this heavy load.

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My technique!

When I guessed that the answer to the treatment had to be sought in a different way, I studied a huge amount of information, learned hypnosis, especially regressive, enhanced my knowledge in quantum physics, yes, the positive attracts the positive. Thus, positive thoughts and feelings bring positive experience into your life, and negative, respectively, negative events. In the broadest sense, you create all the experience you have. But the last point above the “and” was set by the meeting with the exorcist, the real one, not those who write ads in newspapers and magazines. As a doctor, it was difficult for me to take this step.

It is quite difficult to imagine that you yourself are the creator of all those events that occur in your life. What about disease? I can only say that do not drink more psychotropic drugs if you understand that they do not give any effect. Scientists from different countries found different abnormalities in neurons in patients with bipolar disorder, do you know why they are different? - because in fact there are no deviations at the physical level, that is, in analyzes, in our body, which consists of organic chemistry - if you don’t have them ... then this is treated at a different, not physical level and without organic chemistry - i.e. without MEDICINES!

The first time I got sick with depression, or most likely something like that, when I was 16 years old, I didn’t sleep at night, my mother took me first to the doctors, then to the grandmother treating with folk remedies - this happened in the city of Tomsk, and western Siberia is famous folk healers, shamans, etc., and I ended up with a psychiatric hospital. I was healed from the hospital, but it was there that I started to hallucinate from psychotropic drugs, fortunately, a few months later I got a doctor who wrote me out and told my mother to take me away from here before they completely killed me. I always dreamed of being a doctor, but in the hospital I had seen enough of this that I had been discussing my desire for a long time, but then I nevertheless entered a medical department and became a dermatologist, away from psychiatrists.

I graduated from the institute perfectly, starred in several films, married a simple Italian, opened my own business in Milan, gave birth to a daughter, a great streak of luck began in my life and it seemed that those terrible moments were a thing of the past, but everything happened like in a nightmare ... prison, illness, debts and even thoughts of suicide ... I am mistakenly locked up in prison, released after some time, then illness, I don’t even remember myself at that time, we lose our apartment, business, and that’s in Milan, my illness is getting worse, doctors say that I can’t be without a tablet current, but leaving the hospital I am neglecting all the drugs and try to live on - and whether this can be called life? As a doctor, I have studied hundreds of medical studies in different languages ​​to understand my illness, to understand what bipolar depression is. And I was able to recover, I realized that this is not just incurable, but in principle there is no such disease, since its organics or analyzes do not exist. I could help you too! Remember you can not defeat pills a disease that is not on a physical level.

Greetings from Switzerland, Marianna Klyunenkova with you. I have been living in Western Europe for a long time. I am a doctor by training, I taught psychology for a long time, now I teach medical cosmetology. But I don’t want to talk with you about this, I want to talk about energy. The energy that mountains and the sea give me overwhelms me and I want to share it with you.

My course is based on quantum physics and the materialization of the thought and healing power of prayer, we will definitely touch on the topic of photons, microparticles of our cells that can move in space and practically touch on the healing power of prayer, yes, yes, positive thinking allows you to recover. We will also touch on hypnosis and telepathy, regressive hypnosis and a little bit of practical ... we will understand how this is done.

The main thing I want to tell you about is incurable psychiatric diseases. For many years I had bipolar depression, an incurable disease that official medicine only learned to stop with psychotropic drugs. I defeated her and remained myself. You too will be able to recover, I'll tell you how. See you soon, at a seminar, I invite you to Switzerland, the mountains and the sea will help you get the right energy and choose the right path, do not ruin yourself with medicines, psychological problems are solved without them.

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I guessed that it was necessary to look for an answer to the treatment differently ... I studied full of information and learned hypnosis, especially regressive, studied all the latest in quantum physics, even the Law of Attraction, but the positive attracts the positive .. but the last point above "and" set up a meeting with an exorcist, the real one, not the charlatans who write ads in newspapers, magazines - there are a lot of them on the Internet, but as a doctor - I did not dare to take this step for a long time. Until my friend, a former embassy employee, Svetlana, also a Siberian girl, pushed me, but more on that in lectures. BEFORE YOU DRINK MORE PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICINES, if you understand that THEY DO NOT GIVE YOU ANY EFFECT, YOU WILL ATTEMPT HEALTH. Scientists from different countries found different abnormalities in neurons in patients with "bipolar". Do you know why different? - because. which is actually deviations at the physical level, i.e. in analyzes, in our body, which consists of organic chemistry - no! If you don’t have them, it means that this is treated at a different, not physical, level, without organic chemistry, i.e. without MEDICINES!

For life, take medications that have a full range of very serious side effects, but which will not heal you, so - fortunately, I didn’t take too much ... only the "compassionate" psychiatrists crammed into the hospitals ... and how I left the hospitals in the state, as my husband said, “zombies”, so she threw away all these medicines ... HOW I WILL ADVISE IT TO ALL OF YOU! BIPOLAR DEPRESSION TODAY IS NOT CURABLE ?? AND THERE IS NOT ... CURE !!! AND ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT MEDICINES, because it is a disease of the soul, not the body!